Values and Mission

Every child will beneļ¬t from collaborative working across All of our schools.

Every child will be championed from cradle to career.

School improvement is our core purpose. Our school improvement strategy will accelerate the outcomes and progress for all, in the spirit of continuous improvement.

By working together systemically, we add real value to our schools so that they are empowered and enabled to increase the life chances of our children.

Outstanding learning and teaching increase life choices. Schools benefit from earned autonomy to plan, implement and deliver a curriculum that best suits their children – with the Trust’s support, insight and guidance.

Relationships and people change the lives of children. We want our colleagues to be experts, outstanding in their field, ambitious and continually focused on transforming children’s lives. We will support, develop and challenge all of our colleagues to do so.

Happy children learn best. We want our children and colleagues to work hard but to balance mental, physical and social wellbeing. We will strive every day to achieve this.

We know that academic success increases the life chances of every child. We challenge all of our schools to ensure that progress and standards are outstanding – without exception.

We will be successful when everyone flourishes. We expect excellence for all of our students. This isn’t just grades but skill, critical thought and character development. Ours is an inclusive culture that embraces everyone: including those from disadvantaged backgrounds or with special educational needs.