About Us

Every Child, Every Day Academy Trust consists of three secondary schools in south west London: Chessington School, Grey Court School and The Hollyfield School. Between us we educate over 3000 students and employ 400 members of staff. 


Every Child, Every Day is a small trust with big ambitions for our young people and learning community. We are clear of our moral purpose; to ensure that every child in our trust gets the very best education to ensure the widest of life opportunities. We do this by building on the individual strengths of our schools, taking the best of each and applying these standards to other schools in the trust.


The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members. 

Mahatma Gandhi

Between us we have above the national average number of students on free school meals and with special educational needs. We are proud of our diversity, and inclusion underpins all aspects of life in our family of schools, from teaching and learning to staff recruitment and development.


The trust was established in 2016 in order to strengthen and improve our schools. A collaborative approach benefits us all. By drawing on our collective wealth of experience and knowledge we ensure high standards of teaching in all three schools.  Our centralised services also enable us to achieve economies of scale across the trust.


By working together we are prepared to face the challenges of the next few years. Recovery from the Covid 19 pandemic is foremost amongst these. We have benefited from sharing our experiences and plans for moving forward in order to accelerate the recovery process. 

We are working together to ensure equity in education and to close the gap in attainment for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. This applies across our curriculum where we are working towards ensuring parity of access for all students. 

We are centralising our systems and procedures in a move towards greater efficacy. This will free teachers to deliver outstanding lessons for all. 


We consist of one Ofsted rated outstanding school, and two rated as good schools. We are a charitable trust and an exempt charity.